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Von 26 Juni 2021 Bis 25 Oktober 2021
Musée International d'Art Naif Anatole Jakovsky
With this exhibition, the Museum continues the reflection begun with the exhibition #roseestlavie!... by exploring the relationship between the work of the street artist Seize Happywallmaker and Naïve and Singular Art.


Indeed, this approach makes it possible to develop the state of mind that links this self-taught artist and the relationship to the power of life present in the vision of Naïve Art developed by the Museum.

One of the objectives is to allow the visitor to question the different plastic forms of the same life force and to appropriate in a different way, in a contemporary version, the Naïve paintings present in the Museum in order to perceive them as immediately operative for their personal experience.

Born in 1971, Seize Happywallmaker evolves in a geometric and coloured universe and develops a very personal graphic code using the positive energy of colours. He expresses most of the emotional dominants of the human being plastically with elementary means.

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23 av de Fabron - Château Sainte-Hélène - 06200 NICE
Tel : +33(0)4 93 71 78 33
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  • NICE
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