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Expat / Massiwa

Mittwoch 08 Dezember 2021
Salle Juliette Gréco
Tché-Za Company The choreographer from the Comoros delivers a powerful contemporary dance. A look full of tenderness and humour at his native country.


Mixing virtuoso and imaginative hip-hop with traditional Comorian dances and music, Massiwa highlights an athletic, fiery and impetuous masculine dance. With Massiwa ("The Islands" in Comorian), Salim Mzé Hamadi Moissi succeeds in fusing many styles: the dynamics of African dance, the precision of classical dance, the movements of hip-hop, the expressiveness of krump and the audacity of contemporary dance. With his seven dancers, the choreographer pays tribute to his native land in a perfect dramaturgy. The whole thing takes shape in a piece that is both powerful and light, combining the rage of life with a caustic humour. This is a trait of the choreographer's that can be found in L'Expat, an autobiographical creation, which retraces, through dance, his expatriate journey - between his island, Grande Comore, Senegal and France -, his encounters and his confrontation with his culture of origin.

Lage :

Salle Juliette Gréco - 5 boulevard de la Colle Belle - 06510 CARROS
Tel : +33(0)493087607
Email :
Web :

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Preis :

Full price adult - €18 Reduced price - 14€. FJP member rate - 12€. Students and -18 years old - 10€
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