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2011-2021 - 10 Vagues, Bruno Bébert

Von 31 Dezember 2021 Bis 31 Januar 2022
La Promenade des Anglais (opposite the hôtel Negresco)
It is now 10 years since Bruno Bébert, artist-photographer, has captured his first Wave.


One stormy day in November 2011, he went to report on the Promenade des Anglais for his press agency. While taking his first photos, he stops under a pergola, in front of the Negresco hotel. He has the feeling that something is going to happen... And he is right: the swell is rising more and more off the shore. Watching this almost perfect setting take shape before him, a white bench under a pergola, he waits. Half an hour later, The Wave breaks in front of his lens. He continues his reportage and on his way home looks at his files. There, he realises that
one of his images is not like the others. The Figaro Magazine headlines its double-page photo: "This
This shot is probably one of the most beautiful we have ever published. It looks like a painting by
Only a painter could normally have invented such a contrast with the fury of the elements,
but it was a photographer who captured it. The Wave was born!
This recognition and the interest aroused through social networks, among art professionals but also collectors from all over the world, opened the way to a new photographic work. Driven by this collective enthusiasm, Bruno Bébert then began a long-term project from "Image Hunter" to "Wave Hunter"! For 10 years, with each storm that hits the Côte d'Azur, he goes off to photograph his Waves: by day and by night, from autumn to spring, under the day and night, from autumn to spring, in the sun or in the rain, with a bench, two benches and even without a bench...

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